“Jessica Nowak is multi-talented, detailed and thorough in every subject area with which we work. Her professionalism, education, career background and technical capabilities have helped me to provide increased excellence for clients, to become more organized and to expand new projects. Best of all, she has a positive attitude–especially on deadlines!  Jessica’s expertise and ethics are serious assets for any business wanting to stay on top of the details while moving ahead with new ideas.”   Deborah Griffiths, President ~ GNG Communications Inc.

“We have used Jessica and her services for several years. We initially contracted with her to lift the burden of creating and distributing our monthly newsletter from a volunteer when we realized that it was not that quick nor easy a job. We also realized that having someone send a monthly reminder to our membership of our meetings would also be very helpful. Jessica took on both these functions for us, and it’s been incredibly easy and efficient. If you are looking for a virtual assistant, or even wondering what one can do for you, I would highly recommend having a conversation with Jessica. You will not be disappointed.”   John K. Whitehead, President ~ ICF British Columbia Interior

“Jessica embodies those characteristics that are critical to her role; conscientious, trustworthy, diligent, knowledgeable, thoughtful and pragmatic. And perhaps the best part – all wrapped up in a positive can-do attitude!”   A.B. ~ Vancouver, BC